Berkeley Masjid

Berkeley students helped to start Berkeley Masjid for the greater Berkeley community. BM is located a short walk away from campus, and provides MSA members with a space to worship, reflect, and relax. MSA often holds halaqat and other gatherings at the Masjid, and many Berkeley students also teach at the Sunday School. The Berkeley community is blessed to have the Berkeley Masjid, Alhamdulillah (all praise is to Allah).


Praying on Campus

Friday prayers (Jummah)

Held every week at 237 Hearst Gym, near Bancroft and Bowditch near Barrows Hall, with quick access to the bathrooms and a tennis court nearby (so now you know exactly where it is). The Khutbah begins at 1:20 PM and prayer ends at 2:00pm.

Eshleman Meditation Space

We have a dedicated Meditation Space on campus that can be used for prayer.  The Meditation Space is in the basement of Eshleman Hall, located next door to the MLK Student Union. Jama'ah (congregational) prayers occur at the following times:

Dhuhr: 12:30 pm
Asr: 4:10 pm
Maghrib: 5:30 pm
Isha: 7:30 pm

Alternatively, if you find yourself away from South Side at prayer time, Berkeley students have seen many Muslims pray throughout their course of study in Berkeley, so feel free to pray any place you may find that is quiet and out of the way of fellow students (avoid rooftops and inside bushes).