Faith at Cal

Masjids and Prayer Spaces


Berkeley Masjid

2716 Derby St

Friday service: Yes
Prayers in congregation: Yes
On-campus: No

Located 10 minutes from campus, Berkeley Masjid is our home away from home. Also offers a great study space and a weekly iftar on Thursdays.


Meditation Room

Basement, Eshleman Hall

Friday service: No
Prayers in congregation: No
On-campus: Yes

A small musallah you can stop by on your way to class to pray, in the basement of Eshleman Hall next to Sproul Plaza on the south side of campus. Hosts weekly Ilm classes.


Hearst Gym

Next to Barrows Hall

Friday service: Yes
Prayers in congregation: No
On-campus: Yes

Hearst Gym hosts Friday (Jumu’ah) services 1:20-2pm, and impromptu brother’s basketball games after. (Sisters: feel free to kick them out.)

Halal Food & Dining

On-Campus Halal Food
1st Floor of MLK Student Union:

Berkeley and the wider East Bay offers a good selection of halal food. Find halal restaurants in the East Bay at tinyurl.com/HalalAtCal.

(This link is not maintained by Cal MSA. By Joseph Oten.)

Dining Halls
Bound to a meal plan? All dining halls serve halal chicken or beef on request, but this varies based on availability. Vegan/vegetarian options are also available, and Café 3 often serves kosher meat.

Islamic Education


Ilm Classes
Ilm Classes are held weekly and include talks and discussion centered around Islam and our Ummah led by experienced alim. Previous topics include Islamic etiquette, aqeedah, and maintaining imaan in a college environment.

Zaytuna College
Zaytuna College, the nation’s first Islamic liberal arts college, is located just fifteen minutes from campus and hosts year-round events.