Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I pray on campus?

Currently, the only official, dedicated prayer space on campus is in Eshleman Hall. Eshleman Hall, located on the south side of campus, has a meditation room in its basement where you can pray. If you want to request after hours (evening and weekend) access to Eshleman Hall, click here for the process.

Jummah is held as long as campus is open and classes are in session at 1:20 PM in the Hearst Gym.

2. Where’s the nearest Masjid?

The nearest Masjid is the Islamic Center of Berkeley, located on Derby Street and College Avenue. You can take the 51B from campus straight there.

3. What are some Muslim student organizations on campus?

The MSA is not the only Muslim organization at Cal! Check out our awesome sister organizations:

  • Association for Muslim Professional Development (AMPD): AMPD is a must for any Muslim student who’s looking for help with fostering skills to improve their future employment opportunities! AMPD hosts everything from a mentorship program, to resume workshops, and more!

  • Faces of African Muslims (FAM): FAM is dedicated to highlighting the Black Muslim experience at Cal. Join FAM for fun, informative events from film screenings to collaborative ilm talks!

  • Threads: Threads is Cal’s Muslim publication! Threads publishes once per semester and maintains an online publication as well. Threads displays the variety of Muslim experiences through articles, poetry, photography and more.

  • Muslim Mental Health Initiative (MMHI): MMHI is dedicated to helping Muslim students connect to Muslim counselors who can give them counseling from an Islamic and student perspective. Book an appointment.

4. Help! Where/how do I find housing?

If you’re looking to live with Muslims, check out our housing pages here!

5. I have a meal plan, how do I get halal food?

At all dining halls, you should be able to ask any staff member for a halal option. We are currently working with various campus groups to expand halal options for Muslims at Cal.

6. Ramadan will be during the school year, are there any accommodations in place?

Yes, there are! Thanks to the awesome work of our ASUC MEMSSA (Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, & South Asian Coalition) senator, fasting students will be able to reschedule their finals should they be at an inconvenient time. Check out this email template to contact your professors when rescheduling finals. For students with dining hall plans, they will also be able to request a to-go box for Sehri/suhoor and iftar.

7. What mental health resources are available for Muslims at Cal?

If you are in need of a Muslim, specially trained counselor, check out Muslim Mental Health Initiative (MMHI). MMHI has two trained professionals with weekly availability both in person and over the phone. In addition, MMHI hosts regular events to promote knowledge and wellness among students. Click here to make an appointment, and here to stay in touch with MMHI.

8. How do I keep up with events and more in the Muslim community?

There are lots of ways to stay in the know!

9. Where can I access basic needs resources like a food pantry on campus?

Check out our basic needs page!